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Expresso HD from The Fitness Generation

Expresso HD Upright – Connected Virtual Reality Cycling

Expresso HD Upright – Connected Virtual Reality Cycling. Ride On.

We are a little different at The Fitness Generation. We believe that exercise should be fun instead of boring. We believe in engaging people in their workouts instead of distracting them. We believe in connecting members through “Team cardio” programs rather than encouraging isolated workouts.

Our Expresso HD interactive bike is designed to embody the spirit of those like us. If you are tired of cardio equipment that competes with your couch for entertainment value then join us for a connected virtual cycling workout experience that will blow you away.

A cardio experience offering over 40 tours should be fun and engaging that it will keep coming back for more. Connect through Facebook and twitter using the bike of the future!

Globally 5,000 clubs, universities, corporate facilities and more than 2 million users cannot be wrong!!

Our new Expresso HD Upright bike with eLive is the coolest and most fun piece of equipment on your cardio floor. Savvy operators immediately see the value of connected virtual cycling as a powerful motivator for all levels of exercisers, keeping members engaged, improving and importantly loyal to the club. The Expresso HD Upright bike strengthens bonds between members and staff with “Team cardio” turnkey programming by bringing your community together working towards a common goal, and preventing “Isolation Cardio”. Not to mention it is just a killer showpiece on tours!

The Expresso HD bike is built on a platform designed by Glada, a world leader in gaming computers. The bullet-proof base unit is manufactured to withstand the harshest environments while delivering spectacular graphics and monstrous processing power, providing the foundation for years of updates and improvements that will keep your members loyal throughout.

Outdoor bikes have handlebars that turn and shift, Cardio bikes should too! Expresso HD motion control handlebars steer and shift just like an outdoor bike, engaging yoru upper body throughout your workout. Feel the terrain as you ride. With Active Resistance pedal intensity changes as you climb or descend. Shift through 30 gears, just like a road bike, for fine grained control of your workout.

Track your progress online with My Expresso. Sign in at to earn trophies, join leaderboards, challenge friends, race your ghost and compete against anyone in the world, on any tour. My Expresso will keep you engaged and motivated even when you are not on the bike.

For further details on the Expresso HD from The Fitness Generation call 1800 651 391 or enquire below.


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