Exclusive Fitness Equipment Discounts For WNiF Readers

BREAKING NEWS – Exclusive fitness equipment discounts!

In partnership with EYE Fitness, WNiF now brings fitness professionals and WNiF readers exclusive offers on fitness training tools and accessories that are winners at your gym, fitness studio or even at home.

Check out the jaw-dropping deals on:

For a limited time, you can take advantage of these exclusive offers ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE WNiF SHOP!

Stroops Roll Out Ladder – Classic agility and speed training accessory with a NEW twist being a rubber non slip roll out mat that means it stays in its place and does not effect use if a users misses their foot placement.


freeFORM Board – Looking for an all-in-one exercise solution that is practical, diverse and easy to use? The freeFORM Board is an all-in-one exercise solution that offers multi-directional functionality to help recreate dynamic movement for fitness or Pilates.

Stroops Battle Ropes – Put away those heavy ropes. Bring out the Stroops Battle Rope! The Stroops Battle Rope is the only performance training tool that provides strength training that incorporates every major muscle group throughout each exercise.

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