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Essendon Chooses Precor® For New High Performance Training Centre

Essendon Football Club has chosen Precor cardio equipment for its new, state-of-the-art high performance training facility, the True Value Solar Centre. Arguably the best of its kind in Australia, the world class centre is over 100,000 square metres, more than double the footprint of Windy Hill, the club’s previous facility.

The Centre features a locker room and indoor pool, both of which are twice the size of Windy Hill’s. The gym is almost three times the size of the previous one, featuring the latest cardio and strength equipment including Precor’s Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMTs), Treadmills, EFX crosstrainers and rowers.

The Centre also includes an indoor 80 by 40 metre, high roofed, astro-turfed training area which will enable the Bombers to conduct warm ups and cool downs off field, as well as two training ovals that are each replicas of the MCG and Etihad Stadium.

According to High Performance Coach Justin Crow, the new facility will enable the Bombers to reach their full potential in 2014.

“The new High Performance Centre is a world class venue that will provide our players with the best possible facilities every day they train. We hope that having first-class, state-of-the-art facilities will mean that the players will strive to match what the facilities are giving them, ” he said.

“We chose Precor for our new cardio equipment because it is high quality, heavy duty equipment. In particular, we really liked that the base models of all of the equipment are really strong, meaning that we could start with those and then build on them to work up to what we need for performance training.

“The AMT machines are a great piece of equipment for us, we used them recently to prepare for our recent high altitude training in Boulder, Colorado. We used it to combine walking and stair-climbing into one workout.

“We are also impressed with the higher speeds of the Precor treadmills compared to others – the maximum speed is 25.5km an hour which means we can use the treadmills for speed training,” Justin concluded.

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