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EnVie Fitness forms US payment partnership with IntegraPay

After building a successful working relationship over the past year Envie Fitness has selected IntegraPay to accept its international customer payments.

EnVie Fitness has its sights set on global expansion and needed a trusted partner to support its growth – opening gym franchises throughout the US.

“The female of today is very busy: they find it really hard to fit a regular fitness routine into their lifestyle so, like everything at EnVie  – the payment side needed to be convenient,” said Dave Hundt,  EnVie Fitness entrepreneur said. “We have been really impressed with IntegraPay in Australia with their support of the EnVie Fitness payment piece and it was a logical move to have them support us in the US. Their service supports direct debit via the American Clearing House and ecommerce payments.”

IntegraPay’s General Manager David Urry believes supporting EnVie Fitness in the US is a strategic fit for its bourgeoning business which operates under its subsidiary American and International Payment Solutions (IPP International LLC).

“We are currently servicing the payment needs of over 100 companies in the US and it is great to be able to support our client’s expansion overseas. It is our first client we are processing for worldwide.”

“We know just how important it is for the payments to work efficiently for EnVie Fitness. Our systems have been designed to be secure and reliable while meeting all the regularity requirements. Understandably collecting the money is the core of any business, creating an efficient process is very important.”

EnVie Fitness has set up a separate business in the United States, and Hundt says navigating the layers of regulation, which differ from state to state, has been an ongoing challenge.

“From GST and sales tax to membership debits, which are fundamental to our business models, it’s very different over there,” Hundt says. “IntegraPay has been able to help navigate through all the different hurdles given their extensive experience in the US.”

IntegraPay expects to support over 200 clients in the US over the next 12 months and recently participated at the Money2020 Conference in the Las Vegas.

About EnVie Fitness
EnVie (pronounced on-vee and French for “in life”) plugs a gap in the women’s fitness sector. Some gyms cater for older, less fit women, while 24-hour gyms that suit younger women are usually mixed sex and often have large periods of the day or night where there are no staff, which is a safety concern for customers. EnVie aims to compete with round-the-clock gyms by opening female-only gyms from 5am to 10pm. Envie are currently expanding across Australia and  has commenced launching EnVie franchises into US, starting with Jamestown in upstate New York.

About IntegraPay
IntegraPay is an Australian company processing payments for customers worldwide. With a focus on automation, IntegraPay offers a robust and reliable payment solution with streamlined efficiency. Our products are designed to optimise cash flow. IntegraPay is a world leader in recurring bank debit, e-commerce and real time payment solutions. The solutions are tailored to meet the needs of clients who require integrated and secure payment products. IntegraPay holds an Australian Financial Services Licence and maintains PCI DSS Level 1 (Version 2) Security. IntegraPay is a single point of connection to access the world of payment processing. IntegraPay provides payment services to companies in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and China.

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