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Engaging Members With New Profit Centres

Engaging Members With New Profit Centres

“MYZONE is the pinnacle of ‘customer interaction’ and engagement, enabling your club or facility to have relevant discussions and create goals and plans with members and clients every single day of the year.”

[dropcap_blue]E[/dropcap_blue]xpanding your profit centres is a great way to generate more income from your existing members, while potentially attracting new ones at the same time. Here are a few innovative programs that could be a great fit with your facility’s culture, mission, members and clients.


The BioAge program ( is a measurement of a person’s “real” or “biological” age, which tells your members or clients how well they are performing for their years. This cutting-edge software harnesses the latest findings of behavioural psychology, to help increase motivation and exercise adherence and, therefore, results. Although this program is no longer ‘new’ to the industry, there have been recent upgrades to the program, which may boost its appeal for clubs looking to further engage their members. Such enhancements include:

Increased sensitivity: BioAge now calculates results in half-year increments, which will keep your members/clients better motivated.

Competitions: Run competitions between your clients/members. The BioAge system automatically tracks and reports on the results.

Co-branded reports: You can now upload your own logo to the report outputs.
Enhanced reporting: A new-look, streamlined 17-page report that you give your client, which includes a breakdown of their personal results, as well as vital health and lifestyle information.

Searchability: Enabling quicker access to locate previous tests.

Locator maps: So people searching for a BioAge supplier can find you, when searching for their nearest BioAge provider.

Enhanced data analysis capabilities: For corporate users, reports can be generated that analyse data, compare regions, clubs, trainers and even set up BioAge client accounts for companies.

BioAge also allows you to track members’ results through the corporate management portal. Plus, if you have numerous sites, you can compare each location, and even drill down to compare trainers to see who is delivering the most tests and who is getting the best results over time. Just imagine the marketing opportunities!

[highlight_blue]APK Fit Touch[/highlight_blue]

The APK Fit Touch ( enables a fitness facility to incorporate a touch screen station for members. The benefits of the APK Fit Touch include:

Member retention:

•    The APK Fit Touch enables your gym’s trainers to spend more time with your members, ensuring better customer satisfaction. It also provides members who are intimidated by the gym equipment easy to understand illustrations and training tips which can help them use the equipment properly. This can alleviate injury and help facilitate positive results from their exercise program. Also, it can help keep members interested. Because of the huge selection of exercises, members will not get bored of the same routine workouts. It will allow them to get the most out of the gym and keep them coming back for more.

Great tool for trainers and members alike:
•    The APK Fit Touch provides trainers with a fast and efficient way of maintaining and creating programs.
•    Easily access and review member’s progress and history details.
•    Members can study their workouts by following the drawings and training tips on the screen or they can create disposable printouts to be reviewed at a later time.

Refresh and gain knowledge with APK Fit Touch:
•    The APK Fit Touch helps members retain their exercise program by allowing them to view diagrams and training tips via the interactive screen.
•    Provides trainers with the ability to constantly refresh their knowledge as the APK Fit Touch retains an extensive library of exercises, stretches and tips which allow the trainers to create a new variation program for a member in a matter of seconds.


MobileFit ( is a workout tracking and member engagement system that is designed to increase the connection between members and staff, which is widely recognised as having a significant impact on club retention and profitability.

The MobileFit Intelligent Fitness System is software designed to enhance the way health clubs orientate and support new members, particularly during that critical period of their first 90 days of membership. The system allows gym instructors and personal trainers to develop a profile for every new member, using a health evaluation questionnaire and physical assessment. MobileFit’s workout creator allows trainers to then develop specific personalised programs for each member.

A unique aspect of MobileFit is the feedback system that works in conjunction with the MobileFit kiosk. It enables members to view or print their workout program and enter their workout results on demand. Back-end technologies offer data-driven information about member performances, in terms of retention, exercise program utilisation, health consultations completed, staff productivity, as well as graphical outcome reports of overall health and fitness improvements of your membership.

Andrew Ng, Centre Manager, YMCA Victoria Avenue says, “Since opening the YMCA Victoria Avenue Health Club in May 2010, we have achieved great success with the use of the MobileFit system as a selling tool to prospective members (adds the WOW factor), retention tool (the ability to generate reports on “critical” members through non-attendance), and as a streamlined and professional method of conducting the health assessment through to the program prescription phases of inducting new members. The MobileFit System has, and will continue to be, an integral part of the operations of the club.”


MYZONE ( is the pinnacle of ‘customer interaction’ and engagement. Enabling you and your club or facility to have relevant discussions and create goals and plans with members and clients, about their physical activity levels and lifestyles, every single day of the year.

MYZONE is a truly unique and innovative heart rate-based system. It uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor all concerted physical activity, which makes it an exciting way to encourage members and clients to “move more” in a bid to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Your members/clients simply obtain the comfortable heart rate belt, which monitors physical movement. The unique recording system within the belt ensures that up to 16 hours of physical activity data is stored; and that might be from activities at the gym, playing team sports, or just walking the dog with the family.

The data from all this movement is then sent, by the proprietary telemetry system, to the user’s free online account.
The user generated content includes key information such as weight, body fat, heart rate and the exercise intensity. And because your members/clients can log in from anywhere in the world, they can monitor and modify their exercise goals at any time.

At the heart of the system are MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs). They put the spotlight firmly on rewarding effort (rather than fitness). MEPs are scientifically designed to be equitable for everyone, as they are not based on the user’s level of fitness. What this means is that the MYZONE system is successful at motivating clients/members to lead an active, healthy and fulfilling life, regardless of their age, size or current fitness level.

MYZONE provides you with an opportunity to increase PT penetration, increase your member’s average length of stay, and improve your retail sales margin, while also offering your members access to the world’s most innovative heart rate monitoring system.

[highlight_blue]Total Gym[/highlight_blue]

Total Gym, by HQH Fitness (, is unlike other workout methods and systems because it is one versatile piece of equipment that engages all five components of exercise: body composition, muscular endurance, cardio endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. Using Total Gym, clients of any age and fitness level work every major muscle group in a functional manner, and because Total Gym provides calibrated resistance, members can easily chart their progress. The pull of gravity provides a constant resistance that doesn’t vary from beginning to middle or end range of motions. Plus, the dynamic pulley system allows the user to create the most functional movement patterns imaginable.

Helen Chisholm, Owner of In Shape Studio in Whangaparaoa (New Zealand) has had great success since introducing Total Gym. She says “Since installing Total Gym I have had the best six weeks ever. I have gained 28 new clients. Our first short four-week program has just finished, and already people are asking for a longer program (e.g., five weeks instead of four, and twice a week not just once). The Total Gym units have given us the edge over our competitors.”

HQH Fitness has recently launched an unprecendented, comprehensive business support package for clubs and studios wanting to implement Total Gym, with two versions available: one for clubs and one for studios Each total support package is tailored to give the facility owner or manager the tools of exactly what to do, how, and when to ensure the program is a success among members/clients. Included in the support package are templates for business planning, scheduling and marketing (including high quality ads, posters and flyers). Combined with the ongoing customer support from HQH Fitness’ consultant service, it’s no wonder they say Total Gym is not just a piece of equipment, but a complete Turnkey Business Solution.

“Total Gym is unlike other workout methods and systems because it is one versatile piece of equipment that engages all five components of exercise.”

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