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EMS Training - Now in Australia in Melbourne - 20Pulses

EMS Training Hits Australia

EMS training has huge popularity in Europe, is steadily gaining momentum in the US and is now set to take Australia by storm.​

EMS stands for electro muscular stimulation. In training, an EMS machine sends impulses to your muscles, stimulating them to perform a contraction. The electrical impulses mimic the natural electrical signals that are sent from your brain to the muscle when they are required to perform any action.

The difference being, the EMS machine engages 100% of your muscle fibres, whereas your brain only uses a certain number of muscle fibres for each contraction. The contraction is of greater quality and consistency.

How does electro muscular stimulation work?
EMS training is extremely efficient with a 20 minute workout equivalent to training for 4 hours at the gym. Clients wear a comfortable, specialised suit fitted with electrodes that are in individual contact with 8 large muscle groups of the body, including supportive and postural muscles, allowing for a personally tailored full body workout.

At 20Pulses, clients are cared for and under the guidance of a certified personal trainer.

Throughout the 20 minute workout, clients will perform various low impact, safe and individually tailored movements to help them reach their fitness and performance goals.

EMS Training at 20Pulses - The EMS Training Concept

Why choose EMS?

  • Fast and effective
  • Low Impact
  • Personalised
  • Only 20 minutes
  • Full body workout
  • Once or twice per week
  • Deeply effective
  • Safe Beneficial to all body types and goals

How are the results?
Throughout the 20-minute workout, various individually tailored, safe and low impact movements are performed to help you reach your fitness and performance goals.

The results of EMS training include improved strength and power, increased muscle mass and lean muscle tone, decreased body fat, improved posture, reduced back pain, decrease cellulite and faster metabolism.

Is EMS training safe?
EMS training has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective by reputable doctors and sports professionals. Hugely popular in Europe, electro muscular stimulation training is steadily gaining momentum in the US and is now set to grow here in Australia.

Are there EMS studios here already?
Melbourne based 20Pulses have two individually-designed bespoke EMS studios in Brighton and Prahranare open EMS training in Melbourne.

20Pulses - EMS Studios in Brighton and Prahran, Melbourne

You can book your classes online by downloading the ‘20Pulses’ App which is free on the APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY. The App also allows you to view our schedule, book your classes, buy class packs and sign up for a membership!

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