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Dr Joanna Launches New Nutrition Website

Over the past eight months the team at Dr Joanna (along with designers, creative directors, and a cast of other talented individuals) have been feverishly redesigning the Dr Joanna image and website. It was time to reinvigorate both our brand and it’s messaging. With the increasingly confusing and conflicting messaging there is with regard to nutrition in particular, we wanted to build a site that you could trust for evidence-based, scientific information. From there you can then make up your own mind as what is best for you and your family.

We have been live for only a couple of months and my Get Lean members have been terrific at giving us feedback to ensure the site is running as it should. Thank you to all those who have.

We are now ready for more of you to join our growing community of like-minded people who seek to understand how the way we eat and choose to live our lives impacts on the way we feel, look and perform today, tomorrow and as we age.

Sign up is free and gives you your very own dashboard. You can bookmark posts on the site that you want to come back to, or favourite recipes you want to quickly access, and they will appear on your dashboard. If you choose to subscribe to Get Lean you’ll also set your Energy Level here and receive your personalised Daily Plate to help you with portion control. All your Get Lean eBooks and any purchased eBooks will appear under “My Resources”. Your dashboard is therefore your own personalised hub of nutrition and healthy lifestyle information.

We have added a number of new features to the site which are both informative and entertaining. Our new website is a living, breathing thing, and so you can expect us to be constantly adding exciting new content, especially with the recent addition of the Dr Joanna Food Library.  We received lots of feedback from members asking us about a range of different food ingredients, and what they were good for… so we’ve created an encyclopaedic enclave of information for you!

You’ll also find our mouth-watering Recipe Bank with well over 100 recipes so far. My Get Lean members receive exclusive access to the majority, but if you have not yet joined there are also many free recipes for you to try. The unique aspect of my recipes is that I show you where each ingredient fits on the Dr Joanna Plate so can start to see how to create healthy, balanced, delicious meals.

Ready to check this out for yourself? Take a seat, grab yourself a cuppa, and take some time to check out the new Dr Joanna website.

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