Friday , February 21 2020
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Dr Helena Popovic Launches NeuroSlimming Book

NeuroSlimming has arrived!

For Dr Helena Popovic, the last 12 months have been a true labour of love – bringing together the science, the stories and the personal journey that constitute her new book NeuroSlimming.

“I finished writing in April, went through the editing process in May,” she explains. “I added the Index in June and gave it to the printers in July. It’s now over to you!”

NeuroSlimming is different from any other weight loss book anywhere in the world as it brings the latest discoveries in brain science to the field of weight management and provides the missing piece in the weight loss puzzle. NeuroSlimming will take you beyond information to lifelong transformation. Even if you’ve read Dr Popovic’s 40-page eBook, you haven’t scratched the surface of the 480-page published book.

Find out more or buy your copy online.

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