DoubleFlex – Build A Balanced Body

Introducing the DOUBLEFLEX™ powered by SpiraFlex®.

DOUBLEFLEX™ it’s the only device that provides both abduction and adduction resistance during a single exercise motion, creating a balanced body in just about half the time.

The patented DOUBLEFLEX™ folds up and fits in a small bag or even a coat pocket so you can workout anytime, anywhere. You get…

  • Snap on flexpacks to change resistance
  • Smooth linear resistance like free-weights

With over 75 exercises for total body fitness, expect to achieve a sculpted, fit, flexible and lean body with the DOUBLEFLEX™ fitness and healthy eating programs – perfect for group fitness classes.

Developed for NASA as the Mission Critical resistive exercise technology for astronauts, patented SpiraFlex® technology provides smooth consistent (linear) resistance through the entire range of motion, which is Mission Critical for you to build a lean strong balanced body.

A 16 week study funded by NASA found both the free-weight and SpiraFlex® groups gained similar improvements in strength and muscular hypertrophy, with significant increases in lean muscle mass. Lean muscle is the body’s most efficient fat burner.

Weights have many safety issues, including straining, losing balance, and joint stress from stopping and starting momentum. Weights also have portability issues. Resistance bands produce progressive resistance (like rubber bands), thus the muscle is not fully activated until full extension.

SpiraFlex® creates smooth linear isotonic resistance like free-weights – without weight.

Studies show that resistance training can be a “fountain of youth”, as it builds bone and muscle, burns fat and makes you feel better, look younger and live longer.

The OYO Fitness team strives to create fitness products you can get fit with On Your Own — and help you meet and beat life’s challenges.

To get your own DOUBLEFLEX™ or to introduce it to your group exercise class enquire below.

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