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Dont Worry, Be Appy!

Don’t Worry, Be Appy!

“Invest in an online or mobile management system that will enable you to plan, track and organise your clients and business.”

[dropcap_blue]W[/dropcap_blue]ith so many apps on the market, it can be difficult to ascertain which ones are likely to yield the best results for you, your clients and your members. So, we asked the industry’s leading membership organisation Australian Fitness Network (, for their top picks.

App: My Fitness Pal
Price: Free

This great free app allows your clients to keep food and exercise diaries using their mobile phone. With over one million foods in the database, they can count calories to their heart’s content. And, if they dare, they can even share their data with you!


App: iMuscle
Price: $1.99

Pinpoint a muscle that you want to work and see it in 3D from 360 degrees. Being able to choose from over 450 exercises and stretches at the push of a button means it’s not only educational, but fun too! Is there a better way to learn?


App: Food Switch
Price: Free

Give your clients the confidence to make the best choices in the supermarket with this free app from Bupa. Simply scan the barcode of the food or beverage and check to see the nutritional info as well as some suggested better options from the category.


App: CPR Australia
Price: $2.99

Developed by a team of health care professionals, this great app delivers clear visual and audio instructions for performing CPR. Not all apps can say they just might save a life, but this one definitely can!


Common PT Problem:
Completing your business admin and organising clients whe you’re always on the go:

The Solution:
Invest in an online or mobile management system that will enable you to plan, track, organise your clients and business. We’ve thrown the spotlight on just two of the numerous solutions out there:


Option 1. Let’s get Fisikal!

Australian Fitness Network are currently offering the latest technology to simplify your personal training business. If you’re sick of chasing up client payments, rescheduling sessions and losing receipts while trying to get the best results for your clients, Fisikal could be the answer to your problems.

The online system manages your schedule, allowing clients to reschedule their own appointments and making sure you are never double booked. Your client can even upload their food and exercise diaries so that you can keep an electronic eye on them. And the great news is, the system fits seamlessly into your own website and branding.

With more than 50,000 users globally, Fisikal is very affordable; in fact, you probably only need two PT sessions for it to have fully paid for itself!

For full details go to


Option 2. PT Essentials

Australian-based business, PT Essentials offers a portable business admin solution for personal trainers, enabling you to plan, track and organise your business and clients, all from one central location. Six reasons to choose PT Essentials:

  1. Portable: You can run your business on the move, even while you’re on public transport or in-between clients.
  2. Convenient: It allows clients to communicate directly with you at a time that suits them.
  3. Flexible: The feature-packed scheduling system allows your clients to view their schedule and sessions.
  4. Secure: Data is stored on the device and backed up on a central server; it syncs in real time, and you can even use it without internet connectivity.
  5. Modular: It’s customisable, so you can tailor it to the way you want to run your business.
  6. Centralised: You can create your own exercise, workout and program database in one location.

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