Debitsuccess Direct Debit Billing Team Up With PGA Australia

Debitsuccess ensure PGA of Australia members hit the fairways the flexible way.

Few sporting organisations can boast impressive numbers like the PGA of Australia – a proud 100-year heritage and more than 2,800 members.

Established in 1911, the PGA is a not-for-profit member-based organisation representing professional golfers, tournament professionals, club professionals, assistant professionals, teaching professionals, senior professionals and trainees who work in golf facilities throughout Australia and overseas.  These members play an integral role in servicing the 1.2+ million Australians who hit the fairways and practice facilities each year.

Over three years ago, the organisation saw the opportunity to review how its members paid their subscriptions.  At that point, the PGA was working with another billing provider, but was looking for increased flexibility and services.

Chief Membership Officer, Gavin Kirkman says Debitsuccess’ comprehensive system includes ease of applications, and means more flexibility for members and less pressure on staff.

“With the Debitsuccess solution, we’re able to get accurate, up-to-date reports and information regarding payments.  Regular communication means we can follow up on any missed payments easily and discretely – in fact, we’re now following up on less than 5 per cent of our memberships, down from 30 per cent.”

Since implementing this system, PGA of Australia has also had positive feedback, with members appreciating the ability to choose a payment plan that suits their individual financial situation. The user friendly access through the member only portal has been well received.

This approach is based on the subscription economy – a business model increasingly being used by small and medium sized businesses through to large companies to secure reliable cash flow.  This is where customers have the ability to pay for goods and services via a regular, frequent instalment plan, rather than a large lump sum.

Data security is also imperative Gavin explains.

“The security of personal information is critical for our members, particularly given today’s increasingly online nature.  It’s great to know that Debitsuccess has the highest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and, like us, treats data security with the utmost importance.”

With confidence in security and technology, flexible payment options and effective communication, the PGA of Australia is able to focus on other important aspects of its organisation and continue to thrive as an industry leader providing current and future members with the opportunity to maximize their careers and business potential.

Debitsuccess is part of Transaction Services Group (TSG), a global direct debit billing service business with a presence in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.  Initiating over 43 million transactions worth more than $2 billion annually, TSG specialises in the delivery of recurring payment solutions for a wide range of industries. Click here to discover more.

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