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Debbie Spellman – A mentor for living authentically

Debbie Spellman is Founder and CEO of Detox Your Mind, where she is dedicated to helping women change the way they see themselves by dissolving their negative self-image and discovering their authenticity and true confidence. ‘Be present, be authentic, be you’ is her mantra.

A highly qualified expert and self-described ‘life-long learner’, Debbie is a Mind Detox Therapist (Master Trainer for the Mind Detox Academy Australia), Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and personal coach.

In addition to her deep knowledge of the mind through study and years of working with clients, Debbie also uses her own personal journey of self-discovery to enrich the lives of those around her. The catalyst for change was her career in an industry of image, wealth and status. Debbie recognised she was looking externally for happiness and validation. As fate would have it she changed her path, and this is when she recognised she ‘had it all wrong’.

Debbie is passionate about reaching a wide audience of women. Her online TV show, Detox Your Mind TV, offers guidance and assists women to find inner calm and discover their authentic self. Debbie is also a health and wellness speaker and writer.

“My mission is to help you let go of the past and find the inner courage, belief and self-acceptance to experience a life you truly love without fear of judgment or criticism. I help you discover your unique gifts and talents whilst learning to love the most important person…yourself ”, Debbie explains.

Debbie’s key areas of focus are promoting self-esteem and self-worth, living authentically, simplifying your life, reducing anxiety levels, ‘detoxing your mind’, banishing your ‘inner mean girl’ and negative self-talk and eliminating self-rejection. Her life changing services include:

  • Breakthrough Session (one on one life coaching sessions)
  • Private Mentoring Program (3 month ongoing private sessions)
  • Mind Detox Women’s Retreats (in Australia, Bali and California)
  • Group Coaching
  • Online Programs

For further information about Debbie, her blog and online TV channel, visit:

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