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Lean In To Burn More Calories

A recent study conducted by the Cybex Research Institute and the University of Massachusetts-Lowell uncovered how body posture can positively impact exercise. The study published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology determined the influence of using the machine’s arms and shifting posture on calorie burn during exercise on a non-elliptical cross trainer, the Cybex Arc Trainer.

Experimental Design & Results
Fifteen healthy subjects were asked to exercise at a constant machine workload, which was equivalent to about 70 percent of their maximum heart rate. Three experimental conditions were then examined:

  1. Working upright while unsupported: standing upright without grasping hand grips for support or using the moving handles
  2. Working upright while supported: pulling on the mobile handles during upright exercise
  3. Leaning forward and anchoring the body: leaning forward while assuming an inclined posture to anchor the body against the machine’s console

The findings showed that using both the arms (6.0%) and leaning forward while anchoring the upper body (7.7%) resulted in significant increases in energy expenditure relative to working upright and unsupported. That means caloric expenditure can be altered by as much as 7.7% by making simple postural alterations while at the same machine workload (speed, resistance, and incline).

Watch the below instructional video demonstrating the research or to enquire about the full article contact Cybex.

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