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CW-X Compression Collections

CW-X offer exercisers two innovative compression collections


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If you’re after the ultimate compression gear, then look no further than CW-X Conditioning Wear. CW-X is a compression brand similar to Skins, 2XU, BSC and Under Armour.

But what makes CW-X stand apart is  CW-X’s patented Support Web™ (Kinesiology taping or Kinesio tape) that is built into all their garments.

CW-X offer a wide range of compression apparel including tights, shorts and socks with the Pro Range (muscle-focused) and StabilyX Range (joint-focused) being the most popular.

The StabilyX tights are for joint support, stability and balance. These tights are lifesavers if you’ve had any knee injuries or problems. Great for sports that require knee support like dancing, figure skating and skiing.

The Pro tights are for muscle support and stabilisation. Great for high impact activity, long distance running or any sport that is hard on the leg muscles.

Both of these tights help improve circulation and you can wear them after exercise to help reduce lactic acid build-up.

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