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CrossFit takes off in Ringwood with help from Debitsuccess

It’s become one of the most popular new fitness programmes of the last decade, inspiring a devoted following from fans across the world. Now, in the Melbourne suburb of Ringwood, one of the very first clubs in the city to start running the CrossFit programme exclusively, is growing its membership and expanding with help from Debitsuccess.

Since the CrossFit programme was founded in the US in 2000, its popularity has exploded with reportedly more than 6,100 gyms and fitness clubs globally now running CrossFit programmes in 2013.

CrossFit is an intense strength and conditioning programme that incorporates several varieties of exercise, but focusing on aerobics, gymnastics and weight lifting. CrossFit sessions are traditionally done in a group, and tend to be short, but require demanding, non-stop physical activity, with ever-changing combinations of workout elements, called WODs (Workout of the Day.)

CrossFit Ringwood’s owner and head coach, Tristan Nardella – himself a longtime enthusiast and certified CrossFit trainer – explains why the unique programme has attracted such passionate commitment from participants, both in Melbourne and around the world.

“A key principle of the CrossFit philosophy is to physically prepare people for whatever life might throw at them. This gives a CrossFit club a totally different feel to a regular gym, because you are challenged to push yourself beyond your limits and meet that challenge head on.

“What’s more, all CrossFit training takes place in a group, rather than individuals training alone on equipment. It’s this ‘community’ aspect which really makes it such a draw card, in my opinion, because working together inspires people to achieve more,” says Tristan.

“By training in CrossFit with a likeminded set of fellow members, you are simultaneously competing against them, as well as receiving support and motivation from the community. This forms a big part of the experience, and builds a very strong camaraderie between participants.”

Building a strong and growing club has always been a key goal for Tristan. So, for the last two years, CrossFit Ringwood has been utilizing the services of Debitsuccess for managing the growing memberships of CrossFit participants. Tristan says that he wouldn’t have been able to grow his club as much as it has without them.

“I am very happy with how Debitsuccess has helped with my club management. Their service has provided me with a solid basis for expanding and growing the business.”

Tristan says that when he started out, he was taking cash payments from most members, which was taking up a significant amount of time and administration. He tried a number of systems before starting with Debitsuccess, and found their systems to be the ideal solution.

“It’s a huge weight off my shoulders to see all the funds that were automatically collected be deposited into our business account at the same time every month, so we can focus on providing the best CrossFit training experience for our members,” he says.

“We are very mindful about being sustainable, so the fact that the Debitsuccess Direct Entry system for signing up new members is completely paperless is something we greatly appreciate. It’s great not to work from an office and be inundated with paperwork at your desk.”

“I would recommend Debitsuccess to any CrossFit club looking to set up payment plans for club memberships. It’s easy to use, and they are able to provide you with fast reporting and customer service so any problems can be sorted out quickly.”

Tristan is now getting ready for the next wave of interest in CrossFit, which he is anticipating following the regional CrossFit Games which were held in Wollongong in late May.

“This event was completely sold out, which goes to show just how much momentum is building around CrossFit in this country. We’ll be looking to run workouts at our club like the ones that were done at the games because people will want to see how they stack up.”

For more information about how Debitsuccess can help your club with sign-ups and billing of memberships, visit

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