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Crosscore Rotational Bodyweight Training System

CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training

Now you can take your training to the next level!

Introduction the CrossCore. A rotational bodyweight training system that was originally designed as a versatile indoor/outdoor fitness system for the US Military.

The CrossCore is unique because it is the only rotational bodyweight trainer in the world that utilizes a lockable pulley system. When more stable movements are needed, simply insert the magnetic pin to lock the pulley. PULL THE PIN™ for rotational movement to stimulate the core and improve balance – cool functionality!

Other forms of resistance such as kettlebells and resistance bands are possible using the detachable handles and pulley system. Carabiners can clip right into the top of the pulley housing for pull-ups and knee raises.

Attaching to any safe anchor point between 7′ and 10′, the CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training™ system is heavy duty for sure, withstanding up to 450kg.

To top it all off, and one of the best features about the CrossCore, is that the complete systems fits into a small bag weighing just over 2kgs.

Uses: Sports performance, fitness training, military training, mixed martial arts and action sports.

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