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Core 180 Drinks Shaker

Core 150™ Shaker Cup

This is nutrition on demand from Core 150™.

Introducing a new and innovative way to store, transport and mix your drinks. Carry up to 4 mixes and 200 grams of your favourite sports and supplements powders.

How is this possible? The Core 150™ has a removable centre compartment area which is made up of three internal 50 gram compartments. Load up your compartments before you go and you have your complete nutritional intake for your fitness session or workout. Plus, the shaker itself means you can add another 50 grams – that’s up to 200 grams of your favourite sports and or supplements powders for for your workouts. So now, you can have your pre workout energy powder, carbohydrate re load during exercise and your post workout protein consumption all in one convenient location.

The Core 150™ holds up to 1 Litre of water, is easy to clean, provides a great flexible solution for anyone into their fitness and looks great with 3 colours to choose from.

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