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Concept2 SkiErg

Concept 2 – SkiErg

The Concept2 SkiErg was designed to replicate the poling action used in all types of skiing, but offers much more than that. It provides brilliant core exercises and body conditioning as well as ski specific training.

A Brilliant Core Trainer and Body Conditioner
The range of movements possible on the SkiErg concentrates the work through the upper body and core muscle groups.

Exercises strengthen the core muscles, abdominals, back, shoulders, arms and legs, whilst providing a high level of cardiovascular and neuromuscular fitness. They are simple to do, can be performed at very low intensity and provide a noticeable improvement very quickly.

In addition to the core and toning benefits the exercise range is superb for developing flexibility, co-ordination, balance and posture.

SkiErg Features

  • Performance Monitor (PM3)
  • Smooth pull with a quick return.
  • User-controlled intensity.
  • Adjustable handle straps.
  • Air-resistance flywheel: the harder you pull the more resistance you feel.
  • Available for wall mounted or free standing installation.

A Complementary Workout to Rowing
If you already use the Concept2 Indoor Rower, you’ll find that the SkiErg offers a similar high-quality, full-body, impact-free workout—but with movements that complement the rowing motion.

The SkiErg will give you variety in your workouts, with the same powerful performance monitor, extensive customer support, and enduring quality.

“The Australian national team has been using double pole machines for training over the last 15 years as they are most efficient way of training specific upper body power. Of all the machines we’ve used the Ski Erg has the closest feeling for skiing, there are no recoil issues that some ergometers have and it’s possible to use really good technique. The PM4 power meter ensures that you can control the intensity and quality of your session; you can’t fake the watts when you become tired. After using the Ski Erg during training camps last spring we have decided to use it for our national physiological testing protocol at the Australian Institute of Sport. There is no method that is more effective for measuring improvements in upper body power and endurance.”

Finn Marsland, National Coach, Australian Cross Country Ski Team

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