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A Reliable Provider of Simulated Altitude Technology for over 10 years

Designed and Engineered in Australia

XTREME offers multi zone simulated altitude technology with packages and design options from leading fitness industry equipment suppliers.

  • One asset servicing multiple rooms
  • Create a new area or transform an under-utilized area
  • Open up new business opportunities
  • Increase revenue and bottom-line profit
  • Cater for a larger market sector and greater demographic within your facility
  • Excite your members and trainers

Create a point of difference and reconnect with your members


XTREME’s unique Zone Technology is without doubt the most advanced commercial altitude system for the fitness market. Specifically designed to cater for a larger demographic and market sector groups through converting multiple rooms to simulated altitude environments using a single central system.

Zone Technology providing full integration for maximum return on investment.


Altitude by Design allows clients to work with XTREME and product partners to develop custom simulated altitude environments, bringing together the latest in energy-efficient technology, flooring, wall graphics and fitness equipment to meet your facility’s requirements. Immerse yourself in your Altitude World with a 3D virtual design provided by Xtreme.


XTREME together with education partner ALTITUDE FIRST INTERNATIONAL develop your team’s knowledge and skills through a combination of online theory and face-to-face learning. Our practical workshops enable your team to create exciting new experiences for members and develop structured training programs to suit your business model.

Our products are designed and engineered in AUSTRALIA.
The engineers, technicians and trainers forming XTREME International have extensive knowledge with over 20 years combined experience working with Simulated Altitude Technology. With expertise designing, creating and installing simulated altitude facilities globally for professional sports teams, research facilities and institutes of sport, XTREME International now bring this technology to the fitness industry with our bespoke design options and our exclusive class based program ALTITUDE FACTOR.

ALTITUDE FACTOR™ – More than just a fitness class! 

Exclusive to XTREME International, and using a simulated altitude environment, we provide Australia’s first ever multiple structured training programs for fitness industry professionals to offer their clients – it’s called ALTITUDE FACTOR.

Altitude Factor - Altitude By DesignTHREE Key Advantages
1. Improved time efficiency of exercise
2. Increased metabolic demand leading to accelerated weight loss
3. Improved body composition profile through fat loss and maintenance/gain in lean body mass

Training at altitude delivers a never experienced before, new dimension to classes.

Functional Altitude Speed Training (F.A.S.T) providing a fully diverse range of structured, functional, instructor driven classes to challenge the enthusiastic beginner to professional athlete. Altitude provides a new dimension to the classes never experienced before providing the client an ability to achieve new heights and goals.

Oxygen Athletic - Altitude Factor - FASTFAST
Greater than a just 45-minute workout. As the name suggests, this dynamic class offers SPEED, SKILL, AGILITY, ATHLETICISM and CONDITIONING. 

A 20-minute blast of intensity. The pure definition of High Intensity Agility Training. This instructor driven class is designed to challenge the enthusiastic beginner to professional athlete.


Enquire now about XTREME – Altitude by Design and ALTITUDE FACTOR™ training programs for your facility.

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