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Synergy Fitness, formerly known as Calgym, was founded in Qld in 1976 and has had a long and proud history as world leaders in the innovation, design and evolution of commercial strength and conditioning equipment.

The Synergy group was the first manufacturer in the world to introduce compound converging/diverging arc, unilateral movement technology to its upper body pin loaded machines in the early 1990’s. These original, very simple, yet highly effective revolutionary designs still form the basis of our Synergy strength line and are now essentially copied in various forms by leading manufacturers around the world.

Synergy’s dominant market position, within the fitness and sports industries, has been earned on the basis of quality product lines, dedicated service and consultancy support, together with unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise, resulting in unprecedented customer satisfaction.

As well as being the exclusive worldwide distributors of Synergy Strength, Air and Altitude training products, Synergy Fitness are also the Australasian distributor for the premium Intenza cardio range, Stex and Frevola cardio lines.’

Synergy Fitness is dedicated to the ongoing development of health, fitness and wellness models for industry professionals by increasing awareness, providing education and sponsoring ground breaking research on evolutionary physical performance and wellness concepts.

Synergy 4
Synergy 4 utilises unilateral operation or patented bilateral stability control technology across the entire range of aesthetically appealing pin loaded machines, encompassing uncompromising biomechanics, intuitive functionality and space efficient foot prints.

Synergy Air 
SYNERGY AIR is an innovative and comprehensive range of ultra-heavy duty air displacement powered mechanical ergometers, designed to facilitate unprecedented strength and conditioning workout options, that effectively cater for everyone ranging from rehabilitation clients to high performance elite athletes.

The patented curve design of the self-powered SpeedFit Treadmill allows you to responsively accelerate, hit top speed and decelerate smoothly and naturally, exactly like you would experience on the track.

Altitude Training 
Altitude and hypoxic environment training has been used for many years by athletes across many sports to improve performance. The lower oxygen concentration in an altitude environment causes the body to be more efficient at using fuel and oxygen, and triggers a variety of physiological responses and changes in your body at a number of levels that improve metabolic efficiency.

Intenza fitness equipment is made without compromise. No detail is too small and no process is ‘too much’ when it comes to setting a new gold standard for overall customer satisfaction. The Entertainment Series (e Series) and Interactive Series (i Series) commercial cardio lines are redefining the commercial fitness industry and the market’s perception of working out. Intenza commercial cardio equipment is designed to be beautiful, engineered to be powerful and built to be durable.

Project Sparta – sponsored by Synergy Fitness

Project Sparta - Sponsored by Synergy Fitness


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