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EZeMember gives your business the Edge – making it easy to manage your memberships using powerful tools, offering you straight forward results whether you are a gym, a studio, a personal trainer or a sports club.

Caters for 24hr gyms with anytime access control using barcode, fingerprint or RFID. Includes multi-door access control to restricted areas.

All member and client information is right at your fingertips such as : full history: memberships, financial details, attendance, diary bookings, correspondence writer through SMS, email or letters.

Member retentions are vital for your profitability. EZeMember offers innovative capabilities with advanced marketing features that are simple to use and understand. The system will assist you with member retentions allowing you to focus on your members by ensuring that you stay in contact. Our fully automated daily communications writer handles all your correspondence as specified by you.

EZeMember gives you total versatility, allowing different methods for accepting payments by direct debit. We have a direct link with selected payment providers allowing you to streamline your processing, or you can manage these yourself.

EZeMember is a popular, affordable and feature-rich system that is simple to use and helps you manage your members efficiently.

Just some of the main features:

  • Client / Membership management software
  • Access Control with selected systems- barcode, fingerprint, RFID
  • Unattended check-in – for unmanned receptions
  • Manage diary bookings for classes, 1 on 1 and recurring bookings
  • Sign-up using a Windows8 Tablet which will wirelessly enter details into EZeMember and your payment provider
  • Member sign-up online from your website
  • AFPH (fully automatic failed payment handling)
  • Member retentions logic
  • Flexible member payment processing
  • Direct debit processing with selected payment providers
  • Personalised automatic communication (SMS, Email and Letter)
  • Fully automated daily correspondence writer
  • Full history: transaction, membership, mail box correspondence
  • Controls rolling / family / couples memberships
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Demographic reports
  • Revenue forecast reports
  • Prospect tracking includes To Do List, track history and conversion success rate
  • Link documents to a member eg. contracts other important documents
  • Diary booking set to automatically send an SMS the day before to help reduce no shows
  • Assign a preferred trainer and/or salesperson to a member
  • POS (point of sale) optional module
  • Multicentre module (optional). If you have multiple centres this module will allow a member to check-in at your other centres.

Platypus Software provide flexible purchase options to suit your specific needs: subscription, payment plan or purchase the software outright.

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