Friday , July 1 2022

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Boost your profit and streamline your organisation with Smart Card Technology.

Reduce staff costs, increase convenience, prevent misuse of data carriers and have up-to- date member details available: all this is possible with the new GAT MOBILE.Connect app from GANTNER.

With it, smartphones or tablets become universal management and information tools that can be used around-the-clock and in any location.

Whether you want to query or monitor member details (e.g. personal data, training details, statistics), or somebody needs to use specific services (e.g. a certain course or training session, access to the sauna area), with GAT MOBILE.Connect these organisational matters can be explained easily by smartphone. GAT MOBILE.Connect therefore turns the mobile phone into a practical access and information terminal. You can avoid the long trip to the reception desk or cumbersome technology like portable scanning devices.

Never before has it been so simple, personalised and precise to deal with training participants, monitor the validity of passes (without additional staff at check-in), check in course participants directly on the spot or call up information.

The staff member has nothing more to do but to hold the membership pass or wristband to the NFC reader on the smartphone.

GAT MOBILE.Connect automatically connects to the management software of the club or leisure centre and receives the requested text or image information.

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