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Clubware 3.0 – An Enhanced Product Offering

Clubware 3.0  an enhanced product offering.

The latest version of Clubware, Australasia’s leading fitness centre management software, offers a range of new and improved features, further strengthening its profile as the most user friendly product of its kind on the market.

Originally launched in 2001 with a number of upgrades over the years, Clubware 3.0 is distributed by Debitsuccess and FFA Paysmart; both companies are part of the Transaction Services Group, the largest full service payment solutions provider in Australasia.  Today, Clubware is used by more than 900 health and fitness clubs across Australasia.

Designed and developed through the valuable feedback received from users in the fitness industry, Clubware 3.0 includes improvements to a number of features that create an enhanced user experience.  These updates include:

  • Online bookings: To complement the Group Exercise module released in version 2.7, a new member website has been created to allow members to book classes online.  Clubware syncs classes, sessions and member details to the website, which is hosted by Clubware, and displays a timetable for each branch to the public.  Members will valid email addresses can request a password and login to book a session, with any booked sessions synced down to Clubware.
  • Access control integration with Inner Range Integriti: Integration with Inner Range Integriti (version 3.2.3) allows for increased access control.
  • Member accounts: Invoices can now be dragged and dropped between member accounts, and new security settings have been implemented.
  • Reports and correspondence: Security settings have also been updated for reports and correspondence.

Clubware’s ongoing development and improvement continues to build its popularity with clubs and associations outside the traditional health and fitness space, with a growing range of organisations finding its tools and features useful for running their administration.

To schedule a time to upgrade your system or if you have any questions about the upgrade, please contact the Clubware Support Team using the enquiry form below.


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