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Club Members Demand Convenient Booking Options

Members are looking for convenience when it comes to bookings. They want the ability to book through tools that suit them at times that suit them.  Most are after a website booking or smart phone app.

Both of these tools allow members to book for group fitness classes or swim school when it suits them and from wherever they may be.

The information from members in regards to group exercise tells a slightly different story.  Most of them (45%) would prefer to book into a class in person at the club.  We suspect this is because they don’t want to make a firm decision about going to the class until they are actually in the club or on the way to the club.  However there are still those members who know they are going to exercise that day and would like to be able to have the convenience of booking via the website, over the phone, through a smart phone app or via Facebook (55%).

“Clubs need to be offering a number of different options for members to make bookings.” states Celeste Kirby-Brown, Director of Sales, Marketing and Relationships at Ezypay and who also happens to be a mother of three small children.  “From personal experience I know that if you aren’t offering members convenient booking options then you aren’t meeting their needs.”

All information quoted here has come from the Australian and New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey 2013, which includes free infograph downloads. Click here to download the marketing and communications infograph.

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