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Club Lime (ANU) Beta Test New Life Fitness On Demand™

Club Lime (ANU) Beta Test New Life Fitness On Demand™

A new and exciting way to attract and retain members has just launched on Aussie shores, and it’s got health clubs talking!

Life Fitness On Demand™ has been developed in response to exerciser’s ever-growing desire to be coached, challenged and motivated whilst experiencing Life Fitness cardio. This new captivating feature is embedded into the premium Discover SE3 HD consoles, and is set to redefine how health clubs and facilities offer cardio workouts to their exercisers.

Life Fitness On Demand - Discover SE3-HD - treadmill console

Life Fitness On Demand™ is the latest addition to the already entertainment-rich connected Discover SE3 HD consoles, providing a library of instructor-led workouts that enable members to complete the workouts they want, whenever and however they choose – i.e., on demand!

These engaging and motivating instructor-led workouts, are designed to immerse your members and guests in virtual classes that are filmed in the heart of New York City with cutting-edge technology at NEOU Studios.

Club Lime at the Australian National University (ANU) in the ACT has been beta testing the new Life Fitness On Demand™ for the past quarter. Harry Konstantinou, the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Viva Leisure Ltd, states “It has been great to beta test Life fitness On Demand™ at our ANU facility.

The feedback has been positive from both staff and members and the benefits of Life Fitness On Demand™ are very clear. The flexibility of having on-demand classes means our members can choose the style of workout they love and complete it on their own time. Members are enjoying the extra motivation and are now trying out more cardio options in the facility that have the On Demand activated. The variety of workouts available and the engagement offered has been well received.”

Life Fitness On Demand™ is available in Australia now via connected Discover SE3 HD consoles for treadmills, ellipticals, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, PowerMills, and Arc Trainers.

To find out more about more about attracting and retaining members using Life Fitness On Demand™ contact the team at Life Fitness on 1800 689 622 or email. Read more here – How to : Energise Your Cardio Offering.

For more information about the Viva Leisure Group and Club Lime Health Clubs, visit and

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