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Chi Meditation Seat Rachael Finch

TV host, model and mum Rachael Finch has revealed her secret to meditation, which helps her sleep better, eat better and have more sustained energy throughout the day.

The mother to two-year-old Violet said the Chi Meditation Seat, which has only just become available to purchase in Australia, allows her to meditate for 10 minutes each day in the lotus position, an ancient pose that is typically uncomfortable and, for some, impossible.

Ms. Finch said the seat improved her concentration and relieved the pressure placed on the body from the traditional lotus position, while having the knees and ankles supported, spine lengthened and the ability to feel completely calm.

“Meditation has become a huge part of my life,” she said. “It has had such a positive impact on my mind and my body. It does get challenging with a busy schedule, but even 10 minutes of meditation a day makes such a difference. I love placing my Chi Meditation Seat on my balcony at home in the fresh air and taking the time that I need.”

The Chi Meditation Seat was recently awarded the Gold Medal for “Best Design” at the exclusive Red Dot in Germany, as well as winning the prestigious iF Design Award this year. The seat is crafted using high quality materials and premium sofa foam padding, and is soft to touch, easy to clean, and comes with a three-year comprehensive warranty.

The benefits of meditation have been well documented in Eastern culture over thousands of years, but are now backed up by modern Western science as improving sleep and relaxation, while relieving stress and anxiety. Other benefits of the lotus pose include opening the hips, stretching the knees and ankles, increasing awareness and attentiveness and restoring energy levels.

The Chi Meditation Seat places the body in the correct alignment and alleviates body pain and pressure on the joints. The Chi Meditation Seat comes in three colours and is available to purchase with a “love it or your money back” guarantee. Watch the video below to learn more.

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