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Carlton Football Club Adopt Siemens Mobile Ultrasound Technology In Australian First

Victorian-based Carlton Football Club have become Australia’s first sporting entity to adopt Siemens wireless ultrasound technology, allowing club medical staff to immediately scan, diagnose and even potentially treat injuries on the sideline. The ACUSON Freestyle ultrasound system radically transforms the current treatment process by removing the need to transport patients to a medical setting for an ultrasound, reducing the time between injury and diagnosis.

The ACUSON Freestyle can show bleeding into a joint before it can be detected by a physical examination and will improve the treatment process for common AFL injuries including muscular tears and ligament sprains. The technology can also be used to determine if there is a serious injury to the chest or abdomen, including cases of a collapsed lung, ruptured spleen or liver. Importantly it will enable club medical staff to confirm the extent of ligament injuries, and make ‘return to the field’ and play decisions on the spot.

With soft tissue injuries such as hamstring and groin strains topping the 2014 AFL Injury Report, making up more than half of total yearly injuries, ultrasound is an essential element in properly diagnosing players and determining whether they can safely return to play. The significantly faster access to more precise imaging technology is supported by a mobile link app, allowing specialists to review images and clips and enter patient study information instantaneously.

Andrew McKay, Head of Football at Carlton Football Club said: “As a football club, it is essential we have the most accurate and timely information on injuries in order to make the treatment decisions that are in the best interest of our players’ welfare.

“This technology greatly assists us with this insight and most notably, is a portable device which can provide greater flexibility in determining the extent of injury, if and when they occur with our players.”

Siemens Healthineers Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Michael Shaw said:

“The ACUSON Freestyle is leading the way in modern healthcare and taking us into the future of sports medicine. This wireless technology embodies our pioneering spirit and our engineering expertise in the healthcare industry, so we’re very excited to partner with another industry leader like Carlton Football Club who is also looking to lead the way in best practice.”

The technology will be introduced to Carlton Football Club’s treatment resources immediately.

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