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CardioCycle SenseON Heart Rate Monitor

CardioCycle: SenseON Heart Rate Monitor

The CardioCycle SenseON is the Lightest Clinically Accurate HeartRate Monitor

You wouldn’t just run 23 miles and call it a marathon. You wouldn’t go to the gym and not know exactly how much you’re lifting. Then why would you sacrifice accuracy when it comes to measuring your body’s functions like heart or breathing rate? Knowing your boundaries means understanding when to push your limits and when you are in danger of over training. That’s why we created SenseON, the first clinically accurate heart rate monitor that’s incredibly comfortable to wear.


Connect with your body
CardioCycle - Connect with your body

With a low profile design that flexes with your movements, SenseON will fit effortlessly into your daily routine.

SenseON - Why

The SenseON Comparison Chart

We knew there had to be another option. Since wristbands use LED light to detect your pulse, they require you to be absolutely still for optimal performance (meaning that when you need them, they don’t work). Chest strap monitors can be somewhat accurate, but they chafe, retain odor, need batteries replacements, and are flat out uncomfortable.

SenseON - Technology

SenseON - Electrodes
HeBE ™ Sensing Electrodes
Made with 304 titanium plated stainless steel, these electrodes are highly conductive, resistant to erosion, and harmless to your body.

BiPA ™ Technology
By employing the latest BiPA ™ technology, SenseOn continuously captures the heart’s electrical pulses at an accuracy level of ±1 BPM (the same process used in medical EKG’s).

SenseON ™ Tape
By using specially designed medical grade tape, SenseOn can resist sweat and water, giving you the freedom to train like you always do.

SenseON - Cordless Charging
Cordless Charging
The portable charging case is SenseON’s home base. When you are done working out, simply put it back into the case and it will conveniently be charged for your next workout. The case delivers 8 full charges and each charge is good for 20 hours of continuous use.

The CardioCycle SenseON is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo – to find out more click here.

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