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Q&A with Libby Trickett ahead of her appearance at the Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo

Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo – Q&A With Libby Trickett

A Q&A with Libby Trickett ahead of her appearance at the Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo this October

What was your favourite event to race vs to watch now, and why?
My favourite event to swim and to watch now is and probably always will be the 100m Freestyle.

How did nutrition play a role in your training leading up to big events? Did your day to day nutrition change around race time? What food or thing did you miss most while you were training hard?
I tried to be really consistent with what I ate throughout training and competition. I never wanted to do anything different when I was racing. I would occasionally stop eating chocolate in the lead up to big meets but generally I would still sneak a piece or two here and there.

How important was massage for you in preparation to an event / in recovery after an event?
Massage kept my body going throughout my swimming career. Particularly as I got older I became more and more reliant on soft tissue work to maintain my body and allow it to continue to recover. I would be getting massages twice week during preparation and at least once a day during competition..

What is a typical day on a plate for you?
Currently I am not in a set routine for food. I eat 1⁄2 oats soaked overnight in milk and yoghurt and topped with honey and cashews for breakfast every day! When I was in peak training, breakfast was always eggs on toast as I needed the protein. Other regular foods I ate were, nuts and bananas for energy and protein drinks to help my recovery. When I was in peak training I pretty much ate what I wanted. We had a nutritionist for the team but they prescribed a very broad or blanket nutrition plan and was not very specific, when you train as much as I was you can pretty much eat anything! It did catch up with me when I retired in 2009 for 10months and I gained 10 kilos. I literally stopped training and ate anything!

You are obviously a fitness enthusiast, how did your fitness journey start?
I always loved to move. I basically tried any sport I could throughout school and fell in love with swimming from an early age. I just wanted to see what my body was capable of and how far I could push its limits.

Libby Trickett Studies With Australian Institute Fitness

What made you want to study the Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer Program?
With my experience through swimming, I have always been interested in how the body works and how to maximise performance but since retiring I’ve also become very interested in and incredibly aware of how important it is to take care of your body for both physical and mental health. I would like to pass on my passion for health and fitness in the future; to educate and help people take care of their bodies and their minds to allow them to live happy and functional lives.

What are your favourite exercises (think reps and sets)?
I love anything to do with core.

What about the ones you always dreaded?
Max chin ups.

As a busy mum, how has your training changed? Are you still disciplined on yourself?
My training has changed drastically since becoming a mother. I’ve had to adapt and accept of my body’s limitations at this point but continue to push and test the limits and get stronger again. I like to think that I work hard when I train and I am disciplined but it is difficult to be as consistent as I would like as my life is no longer centred around me. I definitely still try to train 4 times a week but ideally I do something active every day.

Libby Trickett is currently studying the Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer Program to become a Personal Trainer. Come chat with her at the Australian Institute of Fitness stand (H20) at the Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo. It runs October 22-23 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. Libby will appear on Sunday. The Expo is open each day from 10am – 5pm. If you work within the fitness industry or studying a fitness related course you can pre-register online for free entry to the Expo and save $20. Visit and for more information follow Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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