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Brett Lee Backs Up To Bowl Through Daily Massage Therapy

For a fast bowler, everything aches!  Brett Lee, reflecting on his 14 years of playing international cricket, says he couldn’t have backed up day after day on tour without the help of a daily massage to relieve the tired legs, sore ankles, shoulders and back, not to mention the emotional exhaustion.

Garry Lavis, President of the Australian Association of Massage Therapy (AAMT) says ‘During Massage Therapy Week (2-8 September 2103), we want to highlight to men in particular, the many health benefits of having a regular massage, especially the improvement to their quality of life.

Whether it’s physiologically or psychologically as experienced by Brett Lee, it’s time to consider our health and massage therapy plays a significant role’ continued Lavis.

For those men who have never tried massage therapy, Brett Lee says: ‘Let massage become part of your health plan.  It helps improve performance and recovery, it can prevent and eliminate injury, control fatigue, increase endurance and generally improve your health and well-being. It also increases your vitality and general sense of wellbeing and calmness.’

Garry Lavis encourages men to experience a massage at any stage of life. The AAMT’s connection with Men’s Sheds throughout Australia reinforces their strong focus on the health of men and fostering links between each shed and their local health services.

Depending upon each person’s condition they  can choose from a:

  • Remedial massage which is the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of biomechanical dysfunction or injury to activate and restore healthy function, or
  • Sports therapy massage which focuses on prevention and treatment of sports related conditions, including training, preparation and recovery, or a
  • Relaxation massage to focus on reducing stress and anxiety which has a negative impact on physical or mental performance.

To complement ongoing treatment plans, massage therapy can be used with other health modalities such as physiotherapy. To find an accredited massage therapist who is committed to ongoing professional development visit www.aamt.com.au or telephone 1300138 872.

Eight reasons to have a massage:

Massage therapy* is effective in:
1.       the management of subacute or chronic low back pain,

2.       improving heart rate and blood pressure,

3.       reducing inflammation,

4.       alleviating pain and stiffness improving flexibility,

5.       reducing stress and anxiety,

6.       reducing depressive symptoms,

7.       promoting relaxation,

8.       improving quality of life physiologically and psychologically.

Four Facts about Massage Therapy and Men’s Health
1.       Nearly twice as many women as men utilised massage in the USA in 2011 and resistance to seek help for pain was one of the factors.   (AMTA , 2012)

2.       ABS figures suggest at some point in their lives one in five men experience anxiety and one in eight will have depression.

3.       In 2007-08, 47% of males aged 65 and over had discussed a healthy lifestyle with a health professional compared with 38% of males aged less than 65

4.       Massage therapy for the reduction of depression and anxiety has shown positive results in a recent systemic review.  (Coehello H. F. et al International Journal of Clinical practice 2008)

There are over 7500 registered remedial, sports and relaxation massage therapist members of the Australian Association of Massage Therapy (AAMT).  To find one in your area visit www.aamt.com.au

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