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Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Bicycle

Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Bicycle

Biking is great cardiovascular exercise that has become increasingly popular in the past decade.

It is one of the most effective workouts to burn calories and build muscle. If you’ve never been a cyclist, but are keen on getting into it, then here are some tips to help you find the right bicycle for your cycling requirements, budget and size.

1. Decide what you will be using your bike for

The first thing you have to do is to decide on what kind of riding you will be doing. Think about your lifestyle and how you can incorporate biking into it; will you be using it to ride mostly to work? Are you looking for something sturdy to ride on tougher terrains? Or are you looking for something to take a leisurely cruise on every now and then?

You’ll also need to determine your overall approach to biking and your level of experience. If you want to become a serious rider and use your bike to travel long distances, a road bike is probably the right bike for you. If you are more adventurous and would like to ride trails, then we suggest a mountain bike. If you want to use biking as your form of exercise, get a hybrid or a road bike. The more you know what you really want, the easier it will be to determine which the right bike for your needs is.

2. Shop around

Once you have figured out what type of bike is best for you, start doing your research. You can visit different bicycles store or just browse online to check prices and availability. This will give you an idea of the average price of the bicycle you’re interested in.

There are some bike shops such as Bicycles Online that has an online store and a physical store which can be very convenient. They also run a comprehensive demo of their bicycles throughout Australia so people can give them a test ride before committing to buying. This can be a great way to get affordable online prices, but still make sure the bike is comfortable and is the right size.

3. Make sure that the bike is the correct size

Riding a bike which is not the right size for you can cause problems and injuries to the rider; so it is essential that you get a bicycle which is the right fit and size. As an example, if you are purchasing a mountain or hybrid bike and you are 155-175cm tall, you have to get a small sized bike with 16” seat tube length. If you are 165-185cm tall, you have to get a medium sized bike with 18” seat tube length. Large bikes are for those who need 20” seat tube length and are 175-195cm tall while extra-large bikes are for those who need 22” seat tube length and are taller than 185cm. If you are buying a cruiser, you do not have to worry about the size. All you have to do is adjust the saddle height and the handlebars.

Buying a bike for the first time can be quite overwhelming but by following these tips, you will be able to get the right bike, at the right price, for the right type of riding you plan on doing!

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