barre3 Launches in Australia

Hard Candy Fitness Australia CEO, Selena Short, after several years of negotiations, has finally succeeded in bringing barre3 to Australian fitness enthusiasts. The 60-minute full body workout uses a combination of ballet barre, yoga and Pilates to create a low impact therapeutic workout and as US Master Trainer Catie Fahrner says, ‘is a physiotherapist’s dream.’

barre3 is all about muscular balance, creating long lean muscles and a strong solid core. Essentially all classes follow a tried and tested format including a unique combination of dynamic movement and isometric holds that really work the nitty gritty areas of the body that we have somehow forgotten about with functional training.

Don’t expect another cookie cutter class, but rather a class enriched with each instructors strengths i.e., whether they have a Pilates, yoga or ballet background. ‘You’ll feel a little more open in the shoulders and taller through the spine,’ says Catie. ‘The first class usually feels like an earthquake and you’re sore for a few days, but it’s probably six or eight classes where the postures become intuitive.’ Expect long-term postural benefits within six weeks as the exercise sequences performed to a backdrop of music, transform the body.

Catie says that barre3 is more tied to yoga and Pilates but there are many options to perform exercises on the balls of the feet, and if you’re not used to it, will have your legs shaking. After slipping on slide resistant toeless socks there’s an aerobic style dynamic warm-up: think squats, leg curls and controlled muscle contraction movements for the upper body.

Straps are used to increase range of movement through stretches and a soft small ball helps support the lower back and allows you to really engage the transverse abdominals when performing the floor exercises.

For your first class I suggest not to do any other exercise that day, as you’ll need all the strength your legs you can muster!

Find out more at Hard Candy Fitness or watch a video of barre3 in action by clicking here.

Article by Toni Krasicki.



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