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Ayomo Offers Liquid Subscriptions To Good Health

Set and forget: a fresh approach to a fresh new you

Melbourne’s very own Ayomo are here to bring the healthy life to you. Whether at work or home, Ayomo’s commitment to improved vitality and wellbeing can be delivered directly to your door; all in an attractive 250ml bottle.

Ayomo makes artisanal handcrafted delicious juices from raw Australian produce. Their juices are cold pressed and never pasteurised for maximum taste and nutrition. Fruit to bottle. Nothing else and nothing in between.

With the increasingly busy 21st century lifestyle in mind, Ayomo’s subscription system promises healthy weeks without the hassle. From $42 a week for a selection of eight juices to $150 a week for 32, all include a guilt-free treat to have you raring and ready to go.

These include a lemon, ginger, or wheatgrass super juice shot, or anything from a delectable raw snickers slice to couple of antioxidant rich matcha cacao balls. To top it all off, among your tasty juices and sweet treats, you may find a Kaya Health Club pass, a Thankyou Co muesli bar, a MUD face mask, Summer Salt Body specials, Mingle ‘no nasties’ Seasoning, or organic goodies by The Wild.

Born out of a passion for accessible health and nutrition, Ayomo founders Marcus Wong and Sherie Liang opened their first store back in 2013. Having experienced exponential growth since and with Sherie a nutritionist herself, there is a considered and educated approach behind her juicing craft.

Ayomo’s unique cold press technique ensures each bottle contains the best of the best, with conventional juicing methods often causing a loss of nutritional value through contact with unnecessary heat.

Ms Liang said with the ingredients kept as close to their natural state as possible, the enzymes, nutrients, and minerals are preserved to the full extent possible, ensuring optimal nutritional benefit once in the body.

“Cold pressed juices are one of the fastest and most convenient ways to improve overall health and wellbeing.”

“Presented in their most pure form, all Ayomo varieties are from juice to bottle, and without any added sugar or preservatives, you can truly taste and feel the difference. This combined with our new set and forget subscription systems means removing the barriers people often find get in their way when trying to live a healthier life week to week.”

Delivered in refrigerated van zooming across Melbourne Metro, Ayomo has over a dozen different varieties to choose from and juicy plans for expansion.

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