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Australia’s First High Performance Alkaline Water Proves It Is The Best Choice For Ultimate Hydration

In a marketplace crowded with brands that leave consumers thirsty for more, Aussies can now enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of a unique high pH alkaline water thanks to the launch of Alka Power – Australia’s first premium ionic alkaline water.

Alka Power is now stocked in over 800 Woolworth’s supermarkets nationwide and meets Aussie consumers’ growing demand for high performance beverages that truly complement a healthy lifestyle.

Through a proprietary process, Alka Power delivers superior quality that maximises health benefits beyond other alkaline, spring and bottled waters, energy and health drinks that are on the market.

Most alkaline waters in the Australian market are a pH of 7 to 8.2 at the source and have an unstable pH. Other bottled spring waters are on the acidic side of the pH scale which offer little rehydrating. Alka Power exceeds this by delivering a stable pH9->10 with active ionic minerals – nearly 100 times more alkaline and more efficient in hydrating and absorption than any other, making it Australia’s highest pH alkaline water on the market!

It is this powerful synergy between alkalinity and active ionic minerals that fuel ultimate hydration, balance and performance – making Alka Power the water choice for a number of Australian elite athletes and professionals. Alka Power also has significant health benefits

linked to their water, such as increase in blood flow, enhances circulation and metabolism, increases energy, replenishes essential minerals and boosts the immune system.

Alka Power is free from salt, sugar, preservatives and additives, making it the perfect pre-and post – workout beverage as it delivers a more efficient recovery between sessions by flushing out lactic acid. It’s ultra clean so the taste is crisp and pure, making it easy to consume.

Alka Power is also environmentally friendly and is produced in a bottle that is BPA, BPF, BPS free and up to 50% recycled PET.

Suitable for people of all ages, including pregnant women, Alka Power helps balance your pH levels and is now available nationwide in Woolworths Supermarkets as well as, Harris Farm Markets, Thomas Dux Grocers, Vitamin king, QE Food Stores, About Life and Go Vita stores. Alka Power is available for $2.50 each (600ml) or $3.50 each (1.5L).

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