Australian Fitness Industry – New Appointments & Major Milestones

A monthly feature for WNiF and building on a ‘Who’s-Who’ within the Australian fitness community, we recognise just a few of the new job roles, fitness career moves and major career milestones achieved by Fit Pros in the Australian industry in February 2019. We wish you the very best ๐Ÿ™‚

Mel Tempest - New Owner at Genesis Health Clubs - Ballarat

Mel Tempest โ€“ New Health Club Owner at Genesis Health Clubs. With an international reputation for innovation, thought leadership, and passion, Mel uses her own experience, success, and skills to focus on presenting to business owners on leadership, social media, sales concepts and business coaching. Host of The Gym Owners Business Podcast & Network since June 2017, Mel has interviewed & collaborated with hundreds of successful global business experts

Say congrats to Dan Sullivan for 14 years at Activeliving the Wellness Company. Dan’s Mission Statement is “To provide a sanctuary where mind, body and spirit are cultivated and nurtured, through a commitment to excellence in the support, education and progression of client wellbeing. To lead in the field of proactive health through provision of specialist professional services.”

Congrats to Benjamin Lucas for 6 years at Flow Athletic

Say congrats to Benjamin Lucas for 6 years at Flow Athletic in Sydney. Iโ€™m often asked when it was I decided join the fitness industry. There wasnโ€™t really a single moment. I was lucky enough to play top-level rugby league in Sydney, Brisbane and New Zealand. I also earned my stripes in Rugby Union, Basketball and in Athletics. Having spent so much time around professional athletes and professional trainers it became clear to me what separated those who achieved their goals and those who did not. It had nothing to do with talent. I saw naturally-gifted athletes fall short all the time. Often overtaken by those with less pure talent.

Nathan Brailey – New Exercise Physiologist at EMP Onsite.

Dr Anthony Bloomfield – New Owner at Wellshare.

Gregory Will – New Non Executive Director at Australian College pf Physical Education.

Andy Rouse – Say congrats to Andy – 8 years at Life Performance in Sydney.

Emily Millanta – New Membership Services at F45, Melbourne.

Darren Castelli – New Business Owner at Fitness Solutions, WA.

Michelle Dean – New Club General Manager at Goodlife Health Clubs.

Lester Ho – Say congrats to Lester – 8 years at the Training Geek in Melbourne.

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