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KRUNK Partner With ZUU

Australian App KRUNK Partners With Fitness Giant ZUU

KRUNK is a mobile App designed to get people active and to connect like-minded fitness enthusiasts via geographic location and interest.

It is social networking for fitness that unites the active with the purpose of bringing them together in person rather than behind a screen. Designed and created by Australian entrepreneur, Toby Quinn, the App is now used all over the world and has just launched a ground breaking partnership with global fitness giant, ZUU.

“KRUNK is a brilliant App. Our founder Toby Quinn got tired of seeing people on social media searching for friends to get involved with their fit interests, so he decided to build KRUNK as a means of bringing people with similar interests together,” Adrian Hunter, General Manager of KRUNK said today.

Since launching in 2015, KRUNK has become popular all over the world, connecting people and with fitness activity.

“It doesn’t matter where you are, or what type of sport or activity you like, you can find someone on KRUNK to do it with. If you manage or are part of a basketball team and you need to find extra players, you can simply jump on to KRUNK. If you are looking to get into a sport like rock climbing, but don’t know anyone in your local area to climb with, you can simply find someone on KRUNK.”

Global fitness giant  ZUU recognised the growing popularity of the App, leading to a ground breaking partnership and one that will see KRUNK further expand its presence across the world.

“The relationship with ZUU is really significant for us as an Australian business and will see our App being used by fitness enthusiasts all over the world to find like minded people to engage in fitness activities with.”

KRUNK is an App designed for everyone and while it’s used by many people involved in fitness across the world to locate training and fitness partners, it’s also ideal for anyone seeking to find someone to walk with, have a game of golf with or for travellers looking for workout partners while away from home.

“With a passion for using active interests to help individuals live their best lives, KRUNK has the potential to bring people together while improving people’s self esteem, health and wellbeing and mental health. We want to help fight obesity, anxiety and depression. Our motto GET ACTIVE, GET CONNECTED, GET KRUNK aims to help people get out of their current state to push them to move.”

The new partnership with ZUU is likely to also inspire talks with other large sporting brands to discuss partnership opportunities.

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