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Aussie Health Habits Revealed

A survey by the Australian Fitness & Health Expo, the largest fitness event of its kind in the southern hemisphere, has revealed what activities are keeping Aussies fit, what motivates us and some of our health habits.

The survey of 1,000 Australians conducted online in December 2013 shows that the Gym Workout and Weights are still the most popular choices, followed in rank order by Running, Personal Training, Crossfit and Boxing.

And the reason why respondents exercise? Because it makes them feel happier! That’s right – 93% of Aussie exercisers strongly agree or agree that the more they exercise the happier they feel with 58% stating that they exercise purely for how it makes them feel rather than for looks/weight loss.

Apparently exercise also makes things steamier in the bedroom with 56% of respondents agreeing that exercise increases their sex drive because it makes them look and feel better. Frequent exercise also reduces self-bashing with 69% agreeing that if they don’t exercise they feel guilty.

A few more interesting finds include:

  • 42% made a new year’s resolution regarding health
  • 31% increase exercise around Christmas and Easter so they can consume more treat foods
  • 49% research a sport/exercise injury online before seeking professional medical advice
  • 41% weigh themselves at least once a week
  • 46% find group exercise more fun than exercising alone
  • 53% exercise with a partner/friend to stay motivated, or would like to do so
  • 70% agree that music is really important to their workout
  • 67% are now conscious of how long they sit for each day and consciously take breaks to move around
  • 20% use an online fitness program
  • 34% are currently on a diet
  • 42% say diets don’t work.

The 2014 Australian Fitness & Health Expo will be held from April 4-6 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The expo is open from 9.30am – 5.30pm daily with Friday open to only those who work within the fitness and health industry. For more information visit

If you work in the industry, it’s free to enter on the Friday if you pre-register online or you can pre-purchase a weekend pass for $20. General visitors can pre-book tickets online ($30) and avoid the queues.

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