Athos – Fitness Apparel That Measures Muscle Activity

Athos fitness apparel uses electromyography technology and biological sensors to measure muscle activity, heart rate and breathing rate while you work out.

The smartphone app gives you these insights in real time so you can correct your balance, technique and gain insights into your progress and how hard you’re training. There truly is no other device like it in the world.

The device was created in America by engineer Dhananja Jayalath, who was offered a job at Apple however turned it down to launch Athos.

Six time NBA Allstar Player Jermaine O’Neal, who played with Aussie player Andrew Bogut for the Golden State Warriors has invested heavily into the business.

The whole Golden State Warriors team have used Athos gear, whilst working out in the gym, to increase and enhance their training and are now playing in the NBA Finals, against Lebron James and Aussie Matthew Dellavedova’s team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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