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Armour39 - How Strong Is Your Willpower?

Armour39™ – How Strong Is Your Willpower?

Seen first hand in San Diego at IHRSA 2013, I was excited to take a closer look at this new heart rate monitor from Under Armour.

SO WHAT IS THE ARMOUR39™? Well, the Armour39™ is a performance monitoring system measuring heart rate, calories burned, real time intensity and your WILLpower™ score. Fancy heart rate monitor I hear you say, well, maybe, but there are some very cool and unique features here I wanted to explore!

A module, which stores your biometric info, plugs into the centre of the Armour39™ chest strap. I like this chest strap because it stays still, wicks away the sweat and is pretty much out of the way compared to several others I have tried. You then have the option to sync the module with the Armour39™ App (works with iPhone® 4S, iPhone® 5, iPod touch® (5th gen), iPad® 4, and iPad® mini.) or the very cool looking Armour39™ wrist watch.

ARMOUR39 - How Strong Is Your Willpower?


The Armour39™ shows you instant performance data, unlike other monitors that only take an average, and it precisely captures every heartbeat no matter what you wear it to do.

Armour39™ stores your data even if you’re not close to your phone. When you get within range of the App, it automatically transmits your info.

Armour39™ runs on a standard battery that lasts up to 9 months depending on how much and how often you workout. Compared with other high end monitors, that’s brilliant!

WILLpower39™ measurement is based on an algorithm that combines how long you workout, what you did, your profile details such as your gender, weight, and key heart rate measures, to give you a single score. The WILLpower39™ scale is customizable as well, so you can set your own target every day and go after it.

ARMOUR39 - How Strong Is Your Willpower?

How do I use the Armour39™ System to get better?
Use the Armour39™ System to track your workout stats in real-time and know for sure when you’re giving all you’ve got and when you’re slacking. Set a WILLpower™ target for individual workouts ­for a light day versus a hard day ­and push yourself to achieve exactly what you wanted out of each workout to meet your training goals. And evaluate improvements in your overall fitness by performing the Armour39™ Assessment and tracking changes in your ventilatory threshold and recovery rate.

What’s in the box? You get the Armour39™ chest strap and the module, which comes in at around $AU230. The App is available from the App Store and the watch is sold separately.

Bottom line, whatever your workout, Armour39™ accounts for every movement and tracks your vitals the whole time.

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