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Are You Getting Enough?…. Fibre That is! NEW – Slim Secrets Daily Fibre Power Bar

Aussie Supplement and Nutrition Brand, Slim Secrets have done it again – delivering Aussies a great tasting snack, the meets both functional and taste needs….

Introducing – the all new Slim Secrets Daily Fibre Power Bar!

Fibre is needed in the diet mainly to keep the digestive system healthy. It also helps to stabilise glucose and cholesterol levels. Ladies – we know you can relate to some kind of digestive complaint or another. This can come down to an inadequate fibre in take. Have you ensured you are getting enough fibre each day?

Studies have shown that Australian adults are not getting enough fibre and are only taking in between 18g and 25g per day, when the daily requirement is between 25g and 30g per day.

Don’t be fooled by their size – one Slim Secrets Daily Fibre Power Bar provides 7.2g of fibre. Slim Secrets are all about making life easier for the active, health conscious Aussie and they certainly have made getting in our daily fibre intake easier with a whopping 24% of our daily fibre requirement in this bar!

We were lucky enough to trial the Slim Secrets Daily Fibre Power Bar, and conclude it is an all round winner!

“Pump a healthy dose of daily fibre into your day! Forget dry and flavourless snacks, nibble on a Daily Fibre Power snack bar to buy you time before the next meal hits the table. It gently helps to keep things moving smoothly (if you know what I mean), with loads of wholesome seeds and ingredients, including psyllium husks.”

There is certainly nothing dry or flavourless about these bars. The Slim Secrets Daily Fibre Power Bar contains a cocktail of goodness, including sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pepitas, buckwheat, chia seeds, linseeds, quinoa, millet, goji berries and tahini. On first bite, we are met with beautiful texture, a mixture of both chewy and crunch from these powerhouse ingredients which we loved – YUM!

The bars are Gluten free and made from all natural ingredients, this is music to our ears!The Slim Secrets Daily Fibre Power Bar is designed to fill you up, and that it does. The combo of fibre, protein and good fats certainly do keep you powering through with energy!

We love that the bars are individually wrapped, in the perfect portion size. The bars are so jam packed with nutrient dense ingredients that you don’t need to be eating a large amount, which keeps the bars a nice size that is very easy to keep a few in the handbag, desk drawer, car, etc.

Thanks to Slim Secrets for allowing us to trial this amazing new product that is The Slim Secrets Daily Fibre Power Bar!

Keep your eye out for these in your local Coles, Woolworths, Chemists and Health/Supplement Retailers.

For more info on the Slim Secrets Daily Fibre Power Bar and the rest of the awesome Slim Secrets range, head on over to

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