AQUAhydrate Performance Water

AQUAhydrate is a performance water brand founded in cutting-edge technology and science. It is the water of choice for elite health and fitness personalities as well as celebrities such as Sean (Diddy) Combs and Mark Wahlberg. Experience supercharged hydration(TM) with AQUAhydrate thanks to a healthy balance of alkalinity, electrolytes and trace minerals which work to support overall health and wellbeing as well as promoting the body’s natural balance. The unique beverage contains no sugars, colours, or calories.

AQUAhydate is well beyond that of a typical bottled water, and this makes them stand out from leading competitors. By using a natural mineral blend called ConcenTrace, the liquid is enhanced by adding an effective amount of 70+ electrolytes and trace minerals, and removing any acidic molecules. Overall, AQUAhydrate has 60 per cent of the electrolytes of Gatorade – with a high alkaline pH of 9+, other sports drinks are acidic with pH of only 3.5.

From the acidic foods that we consume, to loss of electrolytes through daily activity, our bodies are constantly being challenged to remain balanced, perform effectively and stay hydrated. This is where AQUAhydrate steps in. The highly alkalised water is clinically proved to hydrate as well as the leading sports drink – but without the sugar, calories, or artificial flavours. In addition, it also has the added benefit of aiding recovery between training sessions by flushing out lactic acid.

AQUAhydrate is suitable for consumers of all ages who lead an active lifestyle, including pregnant women.

AQUAhydrate is a healthy replacement for regular drinking water thanks to the powerful synergy between alkalinity, electrolytes and natural trace minerals. For best results, it should be consumed daily.

AQUAhydrate is available globally. In Australia it is available nationwide in Priceline Pharmacy, Healthy Life, CSA and selected IGA and Supabarn stores. Or for more information including where to buy AQUAhydrate click here or watch the video below featuring Mark Wahlberg and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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