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Anytime Fitness Ormeau members burn over one million calories

Members at Anytime Fitness in Ormeau, Queensland have risen to the occasion during the club’s inaugural 12 week challenge recently, burning over one million calories and losing almost 200kg of body fat.

Challenge participants also cycled over 6,700km and used the gym more than 2,400 times between them.

The challenge involved a variety of measures across ten different scoring components, including calories burned, kilograms lost, number of group sessions completed, number of planks/pull ups performed, along with other strength and cardio-based activities.

The club formulated a scoring system and decided to use Preva, Precor’s networked fitness solution to track measures such as calories and kilograms.

According to franchisee, Mike Harrow, the idea for the challenge came from a desire to encourage member retention shortly after opening the club.

“We wanted to really engage with our members and create a feeling of community and camaraderie, and it was also a great opportunity to introduce them to Preva and show them what great results they can achieve with it,” he said.

“We had always planned to use Preva to track challenge progress as it’s just so user friendly, and the challenge was a great way to grow its use,” said Mike.

All members who signed up received a Preva RFID token to use on the cardio equipment, allowing them to log in to their Preva account with a simple swipe of the token. Combined with the Preva Mobile App, it meant contestants could easily track and record their workouts and results whilst motivating them to achieve their health and fitness goals.

The winning member burned over 130,000 calories over the 12 weeks and the runner up lost over 21kg.

“Running this challenge was most certainly a success for us, as it clearly was for those who took part. The user friendly Preva technology made it easy for us track the contestants’ progress and for members to push themselves and see real results,” said Mike.

“Preva is easy to use but advanced in what it can do, and we are certainly finding that the easier it is for members to see progress, the more likely they are to get into a routine with their fitness. Clearly seeing where they are at and what they need to achieve on a particular day provides motivation for them to do their workout.”

Mike’s tips for running an effective member challenge:

  1. Make it easy for contestants to track their progress – it will help your staff administer the challenge, but also help contestants stay motivated if they can easily see their progress.
  2. Spread the challenge criteria over strength, cardio and weight loss goals – it shouldn’t only be about weight loss or you will exclude a lot of members.
  3. Ideally, whatever system you use for tracking results should be something that will continue to be available after the challenge finishes – contestants will want to continue those new good habits.

Contact Precor for more information.

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