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Animal Flow® – Unleashing Ground-based Movement In Australia

Australian Fitness Network, in conjunction with Global Bodyweight Training (USA) is delivering the first ever Australian Animal Flow® masterclasses and instructor workshops in February 2015.

Combining quadrupedal, ground-based movements with elements from a number of bodyweight disciplines, Animal Flow® is designed to be a standalone workout or group training format.

The 10 hour instructor workshop is delivered over two days and teaches fitness professionals to incorporate Animal Flow® into their own classes and sessions. With the practice being easily tailored to suit all fitness levels, gym-goers and athletes alike realise significant benefits from the practice, such as enhanced flexibility, agility, strength, power, endurance, coordination and speed.

The Australian launch comes off the back of a highly successful and exclusive run through boutique US health club, Equinox, and through features in international magazines such as Men’s Health, Shape, Men’s Fitness, The LA Times, and television shows such as Good Morning America and The Doctors.

Lisa Wheeler, Head of Group Fitness Development at Equinox, explains, “Mike Fitch’s Animal Flow program is a comprehensive bodyweight training system that goes beyond just basic quadrupedal and animalistic movement patterns. What make his program unique is the transitions and flows. On one end he breaks down each move so that you can master the basics but as you progress… well that is where the fun and the art of movement begins!”

Three of Australia’s top health and fitness chains have already registered interest for the upcoming masterclasses, indicative of the trend towards combining personal training and group fitness in a functional, fun and innovative way.

Animal Flow® creator, Mike Fitch, is hopeful that the Australian fitness industry responds to it as positively as international audiences.

“Clubs can offer Animal Flow programming as a way to stay on top of the latest trends without having to invest in any new equipment. With bodyweight training increasing in popularity, Animal Flow is a great option for people looking for something that is fun but still a great workout.

Mastering new moves and learning new flows can be a lot more fun than just increasing your reps on the same exercise. With its emphasis on understanding movement and the connections of the body, Animal Flow provides a great foundation for improving overall training capacity, far beyond the mechanics of learning the program itself.”

For more information call the Australia Fitness Network on 02 8412 7404 or email miriam@fitnessnetwork.com.au.

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FB: animaflow

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