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Andre Agassi Talks up BILT at IHRSA 2013 Trade Show


When you are successful you want to keep your secrets to yourself.

In the 1990s and early 2000s Andre Agassi enjoyed one of the most storied careers on the men’s tennis circuit. The combination of power, agility and speed allowed him to get to the ball and make shots that many of his opponents could not.

He and his trainer Gil Reyes had many exercises and workout programs that kept Agassi in shape and flexible. He never wanted to share what Reyes was putting him through with anyone else for fear of his challengers catching up to him.

However, a few years after he hung up the sneakers and tennis racquet he decided share the secrets. And BILT by Agassi & Reyes was born.

“This has been an evolution of about 25 years for us,” said Agassi. “After I retired I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives.

“This (company) has been built out of love.”

Agassi feels that his products – weight benches and a variety of machines like arm Triceps Press and Isocurl – will speak for themselves. His name won’t sell them.

“In this industry equipment speaks for themselves. Putting a name on it won’t do anything,” he added. “Once you see a couple pieces you will agree.”

BILT fitness equipment was released and showcased at IHRSA 2013 Fitness Expo in Las Vegas.

BILT is a revolutionary arsenal of fitness equipment featuring innovative technologies such as the world’s only COD Machine that allows you to move laterally with weight.

IntelliLiftTM, a proprietary, spring-enhanced weight-stack system, provides yet another level of unrivaled efficiency and intensity.

Now you no longer have to choose between working harder and working safer.

  • Smart

    • IP protected functional design innovation
    • Designed to move the way an athlete moves
  • Safe

    • Balanced weights and managed motion protects the athlete
    • Fully illustrated instructional placards
  • Better

    • Rugged framing for maximum durability and stability
    • Full shroud and pulley covers
    • Ideal for all training environments
  • Concepted

    • Athlete and trainer
    • More informed design approach
  • Tested

    • World class athletes
  • Proven

    • Eight grand slam titles is just the beginning

BILT is distributed in Australia / New Zealand through HF Industries (Chris Skinner). You can contact Chris on 0417 952 264.

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