Andi Lew Launches Amazebars

Andi Lew is a qualified Food, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach and author of best seller books, Eat Fat, Be Thin and Eat Fat, Be Lean. Her latest book, Real Fit Food is all about eating nutrient-dense food that helps you to feel full, and she’s followed up the success of this book by creating delicious and guilt-free “Amazebars”.

Amazebars came about as a result of the success in her books with the recipes for the “Amazeballs” being so popular. The Cacao Crunch is the same recipe as the original Amazeball, but readers asked for a bar because they didn’t always have time to make the ball!

The Lemon Slice Amazebar contains 20 per cent protein and is packed with micro-nutrients like chia seeds, and good fats from the almonds and coconut. And even better, both bars tick all the boxes: they’re vegan, with no dairy, no wheat, no gluten, no processed sugar and nothing artificial. They’re also low GI and proudly made in Australia.

Amazebars make the ideal glovebox, handbag or sportsbag snack for those who are on the run, which is pretty much all of us!

Available in boxes of 12, in either the Cacao Crunch or Lemon Slice flavours, with FREE postage when purchased online. Alternatively, you can find Andi Lew’s Real Fit Food Amazebars in various health food stores and practices around Australia.

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