Amazonia launches world’s first and only pre-biotic protein

Dairy, wheat, soy, nut and GMO-free means no bloating but high-absorption. Just what your digestive system has been crying out for!

Protein supplements are not just for gym bunnies and vegetarians… protein is a component of every cell in your body; Hair and nails are mostly made of protein and you need it to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals that regulate your mood, concentration and sleep. The amino acids in protein are also essential to rebuild muscle and tissue and maintain your optimal weight.

We all need protein to maintain a balanced diet, and keep us in check. But our body does not store protein so where does it turn to when it needs a reboot? The food we eat is essential, but so are supplements like Amazonia Raw protein.

Why supplements? Because protein is a macronutrient (similar to fat and carbohydrates) as opposed to a micronutrient (like vitamins and minerals) meaning we need more of it to benefit our lifestyle. That’s where Amazonia Raw protein support comes in.

Supporting the idea that humans are ecologically bound to nature, Raw protein from Amazonia – which is home-grown in Australia – is not only 100% certified organic but it is the rawest form of natural protein on the market.

Combining pea and brown rice to create an 80% raw, digestible protein that is wheat, dairy, soy, GMO and nut-free means this complete amino acid complex alkalizes your digestive system just the way Mother Nature intended.

Unlike whey protein that is allergenic, Raw protein is prebiotic. It is the world’s first fermented pea protein, and the brown rice is also sprouted and fermented. Unlike some other protein powders that easily upset the gut, Raw protein actually improves it by feeding good bacteria in your digestive system. That means no nasty side effects like bloating and constipation.

Being dairy-free eliminates any mucous lining and inflammatory properties (yes, caused by dairy) resulting in a higher absorption rate that keeps your digestive system alkaline and running more efficiently.

What a great way to combat stress too! That nasty S-word has the ability to compromise the way you soak up enzymes and nutrients in the gut. But the combination of the living raw digestive enzyme blend, makes this a powerful combination that is easily absorbed in tricky tummies.

As Dwayne Martens, the dynamic 28-year-old CEO of the incredibly successful Amazonia says, “The supplement game has changed. Synthetic supplements that dominate the market are now being tainted with GMOs and foreign substances. Ask any natural-looking person their secret and they’ll tell you it’s whole organic live food that is the foundation of their health.”

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