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ADRENALINE HIT - Group Functional Training

Adrenaline HIT™ – Licenses Now Availalble

The growing popularity of group Functional Training in the Fitness Industry has seen a revolution in traditional Health Clubs. Adrenaline High Intensity Training (HIT)™ is the latest innovator in the group Functional Training landscape.

Adrenaline HIT™ is a trademarked, progressive functional fitness program designed to improve participants strength and conditioning in a focused, fun and social environment.

Distinctly different from other types of group training, Adrenaline HIT™ focuses on functional movements in a small group setting. Groups of up to 15 participants work closely with a coach to perfect their form and technique, creating relevant real life results.

Adrenaline HIT™ is already licensed in 23 gyms across Victoria and South Australia in metropolitan and regional locations in a short period of time.

Used as a strong retention tool, 82% of participants point to Adrenaline HIT™ as the major reason for continuing their membership at their Gym. Adrenaline HIT™ is a perfect program solution to activate Functional Training spaces in Gyms, and is supported with updated online content library, accredited training and tailored centre launches.

Adrenaline HIT™ is geared towards individual performance-based goals, allowing participants of all levels to push themselves to their limits.

Adrenaline HIT™ takes your everyday gym goer from exercising, to training with structured programming designed to improve performance based outcomes. Functional training incorporates movement patterns that lend themselves to everyday activities including: running, throwing, standing from a seated position, placing things overhead and picking things up.

Adrenaline HIT™ is built on a coach-team session rather than the traditional class format lead by an instructor. The key distinctions is “session” rather than “class”, and “coach” instead of “Instructor.”

It’s a small difference but a crucial one – a class implies instruction, whereas an Adrenaline HIT™ session is more like a training session, conducted in a small group format. The emphasis is on coaching; motivating and drawing out the best performance in each participant, as opposed to verbal and practical demonstration. The Adrenaline HIT™ program is consistently varied, to give a complete body workout. So, unlike a choreographed class, participants will not experience the plateau that comes with the same pre-choreographed workouts.

A partnership developed with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT) provides coaches with the necessary skills to program and deliver Adrenaline HIT™ sessions and receive professional development credits for ongoing industry registration. Adrenaline HIT™ and AIPT’s functional training series provides a suite of Fitness Australia accredited short courses to health and fitness professionals to develop and gain specialised skills in functional training.

Adrenaline HIT™ Licences are available now; complete the enquiry below and a member of the Adrenaline HIT™ development team will be in contact to discuss how best Adrenaline HIT™ can work at your gym or studio.

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