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Adrenaline HIT - A New Style Of Functional Training

Adrenaline HIT™ – The Latest Innovator In Group Functional Training

The growing popularity of group functional training in the fitness industry has seen a revolution in the way group training is delivered in traditional health clubs. Adrenaline High Intensity Training (HIT)™ is the latest innovator in the group functional training landscape.

Adrenaline HIT™ is a trademarked, progressive functional fitness program designed to improve participants strength and conditioning in a focused, fun and social environment.

Distinctly different from other types of group training, Adrenaline HIT™ focuses on functional movements in a small group setting. Groups of up to 15 participants work closely with a coach to perfect their form and technique, creating relevant real life results.

Adrenaline HIT™ is geared towards individual performance based goals, allowing participants of all levels to push themselves to their limits. Adrenaline HIT™ takes your everyday gym goer from exercising, to training with structured programming designed to improve performance-based outcomes. Functional training incorporates movement patterns that lend themselves to everyday activities including: running, throwing, standing from a seated position, placing things overhead and picking things up.

Adrenaline HIT™ is currently operating in 30 gyms across Victoria and South Australia; in metropolitan and regional locations in a short period of time since its creation, this style of training is becoming very popular, very quickly.

Adrenaline HIT - Action Shot
Adrenaline HIT – Already in 30 sites throughout VIC & SA

A great selling point for new centres has been the adaptability the program brings. ‘The program can be delivered in a range of gym spaces, and with minimal equipment. We have facilities operating the program with custom built functional training spaces; where others are set up, pack up in multi-purpose rooms.’
Used as a strong retention tool, 82 percent of participants point to Adrenaline HIT™ as the major reason for continuing their membership at their particular Gym, with 81 per cent of participant’s members at their facility for greater than one year. This level of participation is sure to better a club’s bottom line.

The program has been proven to keep members engaged who would have otherwise left to join other functional training based facilities to access this style of training.

Adrenaline HIT™ is a perfect program solution to activate functional training spaces in gyms, and being supported with an updated online resource library, accredited training with AIPT, and tailored centre launches, it is the perfect off-the-shelf answer to clubs who want to deliver great service and value for money to their members.’

Adrenaline HIT™ is built on a coach- team session, rather than the traditional class format lead by an instructor.

The key distinctions lie in our terminology. For example, we use ‘session’ rather than ‘class’, and ‘coach’ instead of ‘instructor’. It’s a small difference but a crucial one – as a class implies instruction, whereas an Adrenaline HIT™ session is more like a training session conducted in a small group format. Additionally, the emphasis is on coaching, so as to motivate and draw out the best performance in each participant, as opposed to verbal and practical demonstration.

The Adrenaline HIT™ program is consistently varied, to ensure a complete body workout every time. So, unlike a choreographed class, participants will not experience the plateau that comes with the same pre-choreographed workouts.

Gym owners and managers will see groups of members training with like- minded individuals who are working towards a common goal at a level of high intensity that suits each individual.

A partnership developed with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT) provides coaches with the necessary skills to program and deliver Adrenaline HIT™ sessions while receiving professional development credits for ongoing industry registration. Adrenaline HIT™ and AIPT’s functional training workshops provide a suite of Fitness Australia accredited short courses aimed at health and fitness professionals to develop and gain specialised skills in functional training.

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Article written by Troy Walker for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine – Autumn 2017 Edition.

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