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50 Sports in 50 Weeks

Kids participation in sports, exercise and active play has declined to unacceptable levels. Something has to be done to get the world of the couch. Together we can do it!

Commencing October 16, 2014, Australian health and fitness identities Paul and Jacqui Brown will take their 9 year old son Ben on a global mission to promote sports and healthy lifestyles to kids and their grown-ups everywhere.

Their mission is to experience 50 Sports in 50 Weeks, visiting 50 of the most iconic locations around the globe and learning about each sport from 50 of the greatest athletes, champion teams, sporting legends and role models they can find (mentors).

Each champion mentor or team will take the Brown’s through an introduction to their sport with a training session or two so they can understand the fundamentals. Wherever possible they’ll also experience the sport at a more competitive or elite level as a spectator, cheering on their heroes at major events.

Along the way they’ll visit schools, sports and health clubs with inspiring “Get it Right” talks to kids and their grown-ups, designed to help families make sports and activity a regular part of life, along with healthy eating tips and playful games so the lessons last a lifetime. Our athletes, teams and mentors are invited to join in when they can.

Such a unique and exciting project will create quite a buzz and we will harness the power of conventional and social med

Who’s getting on board?

Olympic and world champions, accomplished athletes, passionate and inspiring enthusiasts, champion teams and Governing Associations.

Schools, fitness, sport and health clubs to host the “Get it right” seminars and family activity events.

Partners and sponsors offering logistical and financial support for essentials such as travel, accommodation, sports equipment and aid to our selected kids charities.

Media, Public Relations and communication experts Spreading the message around the world with local, national and international media support using traditional and Social Media outlets.

Where and when does it all happen?

It all starts on the Gold Coast, Australia on October 16, 2014, then continues to over 35 countries including all across Europe, Ireland and the UK, the USA and Canada, Central and South America, Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Arctic Circle and the Middle East.

Please join us – together we will get the world off the couch, one sport at a time.ia to help spread the word and increase the reach and effectiveness of our feel-good message to all corners of the globe.

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