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44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever for Women

44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever for Women

Inspired by The Amazing, Tee Major and our troops! By: Leigh Lowery/ General Leigh

I am an Executive in Television Sales and have been for the past 13 years. I found myself pretty unhappy and totally out of shape with no sign of an AB anywhere. For most of my 20’s and early 30’s I didn’t know how to get back into high school shape and I literally didn’t wear a bathing suit from 2003-2010. At 34 years old I made a decision to change my life. First and foremost was choosing the path of sobriety. With that investment into my life I was able to then focus on my health. I changed my diet, began to weight train and utilized bodyweight exercises to transform my physique.

My trainers: Mike Jones and Francesca Apolito guide, support and push me. I also love the idea of muscle confusion and have added yoga and cardio barre to my regimen as of recent. Today I train for 1 hour a day 6 days a week and keep a clean diet. I created a food log in January which you can see on Facebook at “Follow My Fit Food” to help others in choosing clean options.

My goal: I don’t want to be perfect. I just want to be the best me I can be. I’m 36 years old and I’m ecstatic that I’m able to do these exercises, that my problem areas are no longer a problem, but most of all that others now look to me for love, support, motivation and guidance on their journey to a healthier life. If you get it you have to give it away!

It is people like Tee Major, Zuzka Light, Jim Stoppani, Jamie Eason and Tony Horton who got me off the couch and inspired. I hope this video inspires someone to start their transformation today!!

Thanks to Evan Worthington for shooting my video, John Ross an amazing editor, Mike Jones and Francesca Apolito my best friends and trainers and to all my friends: Gras, Vanessa, Debbie, Angela, Laura, Jas, Mercedes, Jimmy, Julianne, Darrel, Todd, Evan, Mickey, Stan, “The Locas” – Miriam and Nancy and the ladies of Thursday night for believing in me through some tough times. Mostly, I’m grateful for my family -Mom, Vin, Dad, T, Bob, Chris and the babies… and my little sister who is the BEST HUMAN and example of Love and encouragement that I have ever known and gave me the nickname General Leigh…. Love you Annie-Poo!


(first posted April 2013)

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